Why don’t ya tell us how you really feel?!

No really, why don’t you tell me how you really feel?

I wore a sweater this cool morning and you wouldn’t believe what was plastered all over the sleeves!  My emotions 🙂 (you get it? of course you do, you’re not that stupid, right?)

I wake up every morning, go to work, and grace myself with the overwhelming presence that is ‘Facebook’.  I mainly use it to keep up with friends that I wouldn’t normally text, simply because chat is easier when you know when the other person is going to respond.  Unbeknownst to me there is this passion people have for making you guess how they feel.

on top of it, this loser is wearing a muscle shirt!

on top of it, this loser is wearing a muscle shirt!

Remember when you were younger and someone would ask you, “how’s it going?” and your response was genuine? Typical things like, “good!, shitty!, by golly wow!” (ok, if someone said “by golly wow” i probably would stab their first born…nonetheless i digress). Wasn’t it so rewarding when this person told you WHY they were good, or shitty, or feeling like they needed their fist born stabbed?

Now it seems as if we are all bombarded with Facebook meme’s that hold absolutely zero logical value, and don’t even get a sensible point across!  It’s one thing when it’s funny, however another when it just begs for something more.

How about this “News feed”?  I quite dorkily confirmed the definition of the word “news” to only find that it in no way fits its definition (on Facebook)!

This bombardment of passive aggressive news feeds containing such posts like:

  • Yay! (or a form of excitement without explanation)
  • Well, if only “so and so” would have known better
  • 😦
  • Starting your post with “Well I guess that”
  • Ugh…
  • God is good! (When isn’t “God good” if you believe in Him? Those that don’t however, might have a different opinion)

All of those “posts” beg a question……why?
Apparently in the ultimate wisdom of our “friends” they chose to make you guess what it was that they were feeling.  If you’re the sucker that replies “why?” and they respond with “text me hun” you deserve to be flogged…repeatedly.

You won’t find me making you guess how I feel, and I feel that it’s completely disrespectful to use such a platform to express a feeling you have no balls to say to that person’s face.  There’s absolutely no reason for it.  It wasn’t as if you were personally ‘that’ excited to share it, if you weren’t willing to say why you were sharing it!

At least be funny with it!

Passive aggressive paper



That was funny…and educational (always sign for your packages!)….enjoy your non passive aggressive day!


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